Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Knitting vs Sewing

Before I started knitting, I thought that sewing must be ten times easier. Surely it mast be faster to cut a pattern and sew a few seams than to create whole fabric from scratch right?

And maybe it is when you're equipped with a sewing room with your machine already out and a big table for cutting. But trust me, when sewing involves clearing the floor to cut because your tiny round table won't fit the material and plus you have to drag the machine out of the bottom of the closet, it starts to look much more arduous. And I HATE pinning pieces together. I hate it a lot.

So knitting starts to look much more attractive. You can pick it up and put it down, it fits into a carry bag, it doesn't involve spreading things all over the house (although my husband would beg to differ). You can knit for 5 minutes or half an hour rather than having to set aside a whole day for a project.

So ultimately it's no surprise that I tend to get my knitting projects done much quicker than my sewing projects. And to think I dreamed of taking up quilting....


Cam-ee said...

Quilting is still doable if you do it by hand :D

You just pop the blocks with the sewing needle in a little carry bag and take it with you. Its only the major assembly at the end that's not portable, which isn't so different from knitting a jumper :D

Linda said...

Perhaps - except my handstitching is atrocious!

Jejune said...

As someone who does both, I'd have to agree - knitting is easy to pick up at any time, portable, no crawling around on the floor (ok, apart from when you're blocking something), and you can unravel mistakes!

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