Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pretty things

This is the pretty new laptop bag I got from TrackandFieldDesigns.

Owlish netbook bag

It's customised to fit my netbook, a thick A4 notepad and a book or small knitting project.

Netbook style

I've been wanting a stylish, easy-carry padded laptop bag for ages. I got it with some Christmas money. Will be carrying it into the city for a conference this week :D

It is not to be confused with this gorgeous carry-all I got from the MIL for Christmas.

Marbled goodness

I use this every day when I go to work (I don't usually need my netbook for work).


I spun this! Merino, 2 ply. I think it will knit to 8ply/aran weight although I need to do the wpi test on it.

Lofty 2

It's going to be a shawl I think. I need to spin up some more first! I hope I can keep the weight relatively even.

And a quick knitting update...

Feather and fan ripples

I am almost finished this Hap Blanket (pattern by the amazing Ysolda Teague). It is for Geoff and Sophie's gorgeous new boy Rafael Zephaniah. It's Bendigo Woollen Mills 4ply cotton held double. I threaded a lifeline in red and suddenly wished I used red as the highlight instead of green. But it was way too late by then!

Yarn Over Ripples

That's ok, it's still pretty and funky. Even if DH does complain it's Deceptacon colours.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

In which a New Year commences

When the New Year comes around some retrospection is usually in order. Since this is a knitting blog that's what I'll focus on! I'm looking at my Ravelry project page and this is what struck me:

  • Socks. In 2010 I learned to knit socks, and I love them. Can't wait to knit more.
  • Lace. I participated in the 10 lace items in 2010 challenge. I managed 6 with a 7th almost complete and an 8th on the needles.
  • Sock yarn. Look at my Ravelry stash page and you may notice I have a wee addiction to locally purchased, hand-dyed sock yarn. Clearly I need to knit more socks. And gloves, and scarves and shawlettes.
  • Spinning. In 2010 I aquired a wheel and got the basics down.
So what's ahead for 2011?
  • More socks. I am going to knit Moonchild and hopefully enter them in the Sydney Royal Easter Show.
  • More lace. I want to knit something in laceweight (2ply) yarn which will be a first.
  • More spinning. I'd like to learn some more technique and knit something from my handspun.
  • Something new - overcoming my fear of knitting fitted garments. I have just ordered the yarn for a scrummy jumper.
  • Knit from stash. I just fell down and bought jumper yarn and (of course) some sock yarn with my Christmas money. But that's it. I have 2 crates of yarn and one of fibre. I can't get any more unless some leaves - by being knitted or by being sold.
On a more general note...

It's fair to say that 2010 was not the easiest of years for Hubster and I, so I look forward to 2011 with hope. Hope that Hubster will find a satisfying and rewarding job, hope that my health helps me rather than hinders me. I have a lot of hope for work - after spending much of 2010 in a holding pattern, changes in my team and the business' leadership have put lots of exciting projects and opportunities on the horizon. There is a lot to look forward to.

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