Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Haul

I think it may be a sign of excessive interwebbing that I want to post pics of my Christmas presents online. Hmmm. Oh well who cares!

Christmas haul

My hubby got me some lovely jewelry, he really does have lovely taste and seems to read my mind sometimes. I was thinking about a dressy new watch and look what I got!

My mum-in-law is a very clever, crafty lady. I don't know where she found the time but she made all of us little Christmas bags (visible on the left) and a placemat to take home. She also made this fabulous quilted knitting/all purpose bag for me - I love it!

Knitting bag 2

My grandparents and great-uncle also gave me presents (jewelry etc) that are just perfect and I know I will wear and/or use.

The cutest stories is definitely two small friends of mine, aged 8 and 6. They both bought me something out of their pocket money! AS got me a paper clip holder (which I asked for) but ES gets an A+ for initiative - she picked up on my knitting love and bought me a ball of yarn. Gorgeous acrylic 8ply, very bright pink/purple/teal. Not something I would wear but of wonderful sentimental value - I will make a small carry-bag or i-pod cosy with it.

Carnival 8ply Christmas Present


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