Sunday, July 18, 2010

In which I crash out of the race

My Tour de Fleece plans came undone this week thanks to a lower back injury. I am not sure what caused the injury - I just woke up one morning in a lot of pain - but I suspect that poor posture while hand sewing and spinning contributed to it. So no more spinning until it settles down which is sad. The hand sewing I won't miss!

The injury is kind of frustrating because I have two singles ready to ply together (and was thinking of spinning a third to see how tangled up I could get plying 3ply).

I also got bored of the natural fleece and had a shot at some pretty pink/purple merino I picked up last year. It was very cheap and I know why now - it's actually pretty horrible to spin, it was quite matted and I had to pre-draft the life out of it. I suspect it did not help the lower back. Anyway here is what I managed pre-injury.


Sharre said...

Spinning is a killer on the lower back if your chair isn't great. I'm still on the lookout for a straight backed chair just for spinning.

The purple looks pretty even if it is a PITA to spin :)

Lois said...

tsk tsk - your mere will not be pleased with me for supplying you with that wheel! Pleeez, as Sharre says, find a suitable chair - ie the correct height for you, & probably hard bottomed & straight backed. Hope your back is OK now. The colours look great :)

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