Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oh. My. God.

I just spent AU$270 on a suit.

Never mind we are broke, it's the first payday after Christmas and we have credit cards and a holiday to pay off.  No, I am presenting at a conference next week which warranted the purchase of a suit that is a) good quality and b) actually fits.

But still....two hundred and seventy dollars!!!!!!

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Cam-ee said...

Ouch! However, chances are that suit will last you for years.

Good luck for the presentation!

La Duchesse said...

Best of luck! :)

And I agree. That doesn't sound like the kind of suit you only wear once and then wonder what to do with it... not that you sound like the kind of person who does that, either.

Kaye said...

Heck If it fits and looks good on you, buy it in every flattering color you can afford! Worth it!

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