Monday, July 06, 2009

In which I update my sadly neglected blog (Warning - picture heavy!)

Almost three months since I last updated my blog. Disgraceful. And vaguely terrifying. Where did the time go?

Well here's where it went in knitting projects anyway.

I knitted this shawl to go with the dress for my cousin's wedding in Melbourne. My deathly pallor in the photo is thanks to the dreadful flu/virus I had for the ENTIRE weekend, which was spent in the hotel room with a raging fever. I made it to the wedding ceremony but missed the reception.

A few weeks after that was the Quilting and Craft fair at Darling Harbour. There was some gorgeous gorgeous stuff for sale. And walls of wool!

Wall of wool!

It's possible I went a leetle bit nuts - but not too dreadfully over budget. Here's my haul.
Craft Fair goodies

And here's my OTHER haul.

Prize Basket from Mosman Needlecraft

Yes folks, I took out the guessing competition at the World Wide Knit in Public day event for Sydney. Thanks again to Sally (Pompom on Ravelry) for organising it and to Mosman Needlecraft for the delicious basket of yarny goodness!

What else...I finished the boss's scarf (only took a year), knitted some baby booties for a friend's baby shower, started a cardigan for the baby once it's born, and squeezed in most of a pair of fingerless gloves for myself. Sadly I did not do a good job of matching yarn to pattern; the yarn is beautiful but the semi-solid variegation hides the "dragon scales" of the pattern. Oh well, they're still yummy and warm.

Dragon Scale Fingerless gloves

And that's about it folks. Next on the needles are some legwarmers (started but I discovered knitting with plastic needles = very sore thumb so waiting for a new set), a hat for a friend and the return of the woodland shawl.


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