Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pretty things

This is the pretty new laptop bag I got from TrackandFieldDesigns.

Owlish netbook bag

It's customised to fit my netbook, a thick A4 notepad and a book or small knitting project.

Netbook style

I've been wanting a stylish, easy-carry padded laptop bag for ages. I got it with some Christmas money. Will be carrying it into the city for a conference this week :D

It is not to be confused with this gorgeous carry-all I got from the MIL for Christmas.

Marbled goodness

I use this every day when I go to work (I don't usually need my netbook for work).


I spun this! Merino, 2 ply. I think it will knit to 8ply/aran weight although I need to do the wpi test on it.

Lofty 2

It's going to be a shawl I think. I need to spin up some more first! I hope I can keep the weight relatively even.

And a quick knitting update...

Feather and fan ripples

I am almost finished this Hap Blanket (pattern by the amazing Ysolda Teague). It is for Geoff and Sophie's gorgeous new boy Rafael Zephaniah. It's Bendigo Woollen Mills 4ply cotton held double. I threaded a lifeline in red and suddenly wished I used red as the highlight instead of green. But it was way too late by then!

Yarn Over Ripples

That's ok, it's still pretty and funky. Even if DH does complain it's Deceptacon colours.


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