Friday, May 27, 2011

Ginger and apple tea

I've been sick with various colds and viruses for the better part of May and let me tell you I am sick of Lemon and Honey tea.  So I've concocted a very pleasant alternative that is still chock full of restorative elements.

Peel a chunk of ginger (approx 1cm) and steep for a few minutes in boiling water.
Add half or one teaspoon of honey.
And the secret ingredient - a splash of apple juice.

Ginger is a common folk remedy for cold symptoms, honey is soothing for the throat (and antibacterial if you believe the reports) and apple juice is full of Vitamin C.  Non-caffeinated tea is also a great way to keep hydrated, which my pharmacist assures me is essential in kicking this blasted cold.

Plus, you know, it just tastes good.


Karen's Korner said...

That does sound good - I even think that I could drink that one and that is saying something coming from a non tea drinker!

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