Sunday, May 29, 2011

Opulent Raglan - jumper in progress

So at the start of the year I wrote a list of crafty new years resolutions.  The only one I've manage to make progress on is knitting a jumper.  So here it is!

Opulent Raglan (in progress)

"That's not a jumper," I hear you say, "that's a vest.  And what's with the random blue stripe on your bust?"

Well my friends, it is a jumper, I just haven't knit the sleeves yet.  And the blue stripes are lifelines - very useful and handy if you need to rip back a few inches (which I did at one point).  They are placed at my bust because I was experimenting with shaping - I added some more decreases to pull in the waist more than the original did.  And dang if it didn't work!  It fits very nicely, although I think I would have probably been quite happy with the original shaping as well.

Opulent Raglan (in progress)

The pattern is Opulent Raglan and it is so lovely and easy I could knit it again. And again.  In different colours.  But I won't.  I will knit other jumpers and cardigans because now I have the jumper bug.  I can knit jumpers that are long enough to meet my jeans without the freezing gap of death, whee!

But I should probably tackle something else from my list of resolutions first.  In fact I really should get back to spinning...after I finish these sleeves.


Karen's Korner said...

That is coming together well - I love the colour that you have chosen

Sharre said...

The shaping did work well, much better than bust darts would have I think. You are tipping me towards knitting my own version.

Linda Moore said...

It really is gorgeous to knit - so soothing. And I love how you can make decisions as you go, you don't have to decide everything at once! I still have to decide whether to knit the sleeves as written or whether to make them full length.

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