Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In which I holiday by the seaside

Over the weekend hubby and I went on a holiday with another couple, good friends of ours. Destination: Beach Cove, Dangar Island.

The first step was loading up with four days worth of gourmet food. As we squeezed 6 bottles of wine, juice, milk, 4 different types of cheese, biscuits, fruit, snacks, BBQ supplies and a BBQ chook into the car we wondered whether we were overdoing it. Turns out we weren't - we left with about 10 bags of shopping and came back with just 3. The weekend was one long feast - and we loved it! We did not, however, love carting all that shopping AND our luggage (including bellydancing and fire twirling supplies) over the sand from the wharf where the taxi dropped us. Always remember to travel at high tide folks, you end up much closer to your destination!

Aside from preparing and consuming copious quantities of food, we knitted (me), spun (Camee), drew (Craig) and juggled (Sean). We walked through the front yard onto the beach and swam at high tide. Sean and Camee kayaked around the whole island one morning. I started to learn some tricks with Camee's poi, although I seemed to spend more time hitting myself than spinning the darn things. We read, we watched dvds, we napped. We told the kookaburra who tried to steal our dinner where to go (at the top of my lungs). Altogether it was the most wonderful, relaxing holiday. The current debate is whether to return next year or head for the snow...decisions decisions!

More photos up on flickr.


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