Sunday, February 01, 2009

In which I am injured but heroically knit on

Last night I went to Opera in the Domain (open air opera) with some fellow Ravelers. We had a fantastic time knitting and picnicing before the opera started at 8. But there was one slight hitch. Who would have thought you could slice yourself up with a garden-variety picnic knife while cutting an avocado? These aren't steak knives, they're for eating picnic stuff like cold chicken. But I tell you what, they were bloody sharp. Literally.

So there I am with this deep slice in the tip of my left index finger, and it's a real bleeder. Bandaids one and two don't do the trick, so it's off to find some of the first aid folk wandering around. There is much drama, taking of details, swabbing of gauze, wrapping and taping and by the time they are done I have a pretty impressive bandage on my finger It takes three of them to do this, which makes it all look very dramatic (although I think they HAVE to go around in groups of three). Apparently it's the most exciting thing they've done all night (well it is Opera in the Domain, not the Big Day Out rock festival).

So we all settle back down, finish off the picnic (complete with avocado), and then as we're packing up Camee does EXACTLY the same thing with one of the knives. Yeesh. Luckily hers didn't bleed quite as badly so we didn't have to call the first aid folk back!

So my dramatically bandaged finger has put a bit of a crimp in my knitting speed, which is very frustrating, especially as I want to finish the Strawberries and Cream gloves by tomorrow so I can give them to the birthday girl. Typical. Oh well, at least I'll have a good tale to tell when I provide the excuse!


La Duchesse said...


Which opera was on?

Linda Moore said...

Cavalieri Rusticani and Pagliacci, two operas that are usually performed together and are generally known as "Cav and Pav". Lots of love, lust, betrayal and murder - very melodramatic!

La Duchesse said...

Oooooh. Yum. :D

I hope your finger heals quickly and doesn't hamper your day-to-day life too much!

Karen's Korner said...

Oh dear I hope it was not the knife that Santa put into your Christmas goodie bag!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda Moore said...

No, it was an ordinary serrated table knife that came with the picnic set - vicious thing!

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